Slate Tiles Supplier South Africa

Established in 1965 which makes us 43 years old and also one of the oldest firms in the slate business.  We provide the largest range of slate tiles in the industry which results in a one stop shop for all your slate requirements.  Volume wise we are one of the two top suppliers in the world.  For the best quality product and service you are at the right place.

For the best quality slate tiles supplier service and advise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gestig in 1965 wat ons een van die drie oudste firmas in die bedryf maak.  Ons verskaf die grootste reeks lokale leiklip teëls met die beste kwaliteit en diens.  Ons is al vir die afgelope paar jaar een van twee verskaffers die grootste ter wereld.  Probeer gerus ons produk en diens.

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